A passion for great public speaking, and a desire to empower others to overcome their fear of it.

How it works

Uses IBM Watson's Speech to Text and Personality Insights services to create a personalized analysis of your public speaking performance, all hosted on the IBM Bluemix cloud.

Challenges I ran into

Manipulating IBM Watson's personality attributes, creating post/get requests to pass JS objects between pages, manipulating UI elements, and lack of sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Merged two services from Watson, wrote ajax calls to manipulate node data, built a clean UI.

What I learned

Two new languages and a framework, Node.JS, Jade, and Express. Also learned how to use POST and GET requests, and incorporate an API. Learned how to use IBM Bluemix and Watson Services.

What's next for Speak Up

Virtual Reality Public Speaking Simulation, analysis of results in front of a crowd vs. on your own.

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