Our motivation is to give users back their privacy

What it does

  • Chrome extension: Uses PGP encryption to encrypt all messages when they are being sent (using the recipient's public key). It also decrypts all the received messages using the user's own private key.

  • Public key storage system: Stores user's public key, name, email address and phone number. It acts as a directory to look up your friend's public keys.

How we built it

  • Chrome extension uses OpenPGPJS to encrypt and decrypt messages. It is able to fetch your friend's public keys from our storage directory if its not found on your local storage.

  • Storage directory uses NodeJS's express web server along with a MySQL database

Challenges we ran into

  • Using OpenPGP to encrypt and decrypt message.
  • Listening for a new message on WhatsApp
  • Using public key cryptography. Its more complex than we thought.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully encrypt and decrypt messages as required on WhatsApp Web

What we learned

  • Learnt a lot about public key cryptography

What's next for Speak Securely

  • Use this extension to be able to encrypt Facebook messages.

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