One of our initial ideas was about utilising telegram voice chat messages. We have observed other apps that use text to speech to teach conversational english. What if snippets of voice audio could be used for entertainment purposes? That's how Speak Fast emerged.

What it does

Speak Fast is a game that provides a piece of text (e.g. poems, lyrics, quotes, etc) and requires the player to utter it fast within a constrained amount of time. On device speech to text APIs are used to transcribe the utterances to check if the player has successfully spoken the text within the tight amount of time. The pieces of text are often silly, and would the players as they pronounce gibberish in front of their friends.

How we built it

Speak Fast came as a last minute idea, but once the basic requirements are established, the rest is just work.

Challenges we ran into

Since the idea came about last minute, we are not able to implement multiplayer features that feature the live-streaming of the opponent's face as they appear amusing, trying to read things fast.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Many weekends was spent putting effort into learning Flutter and Dart. To be able to effectively apply it within such a constrained time is something we are proud of.

What we learned

Not sleeping leads to over-eating and lots of regrets.

What's next for Speak Fast

A UX revamp and multiplayer features.

Built With

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