After being inspired by Pokemon which made the world smaller, we decided we wanted to bridge across culture and language by using augmented reality to provide the best cross-cultural conversational experience

What it does

Speak-AR is a platform designed to facilitate the communication between individuals across languages. To do so we first transcribe and translate spoken language on the fly. Then, inspired by virtual reality,we render the result using a dialog box next to the speaker identified using the camera

How we built it

We split the work into 3 : Face identification+Dialog box drawing, Speech transcription and text translation

Challenges we ran into :

We used 3 different iOS apps and had to merge everything at the end which was a source of many challenged

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

We have collectively slept 4 hours and we managed to merge the 3 different apps near the end which was challenging

What we learned We learnt a lot about ios development, openCV

What's next for speak-AR cleaner, more polished UI

Built With

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