spb or "sleuthpaste"

...or how I learned to stop worrying about pasting sensitive information publicly and love the Web.

spb a.k.a. "sleuthpaste" is the only totally secure, auditable, entirely open-source pastebin.


Quint was working on a project that needed short-term self-deleting symmetrically encrypted storage for small blobs of text, but no open-source pastebin lets users encrypt their pastes with a passphrase, and the only pastebin with any sort of encryption is closed source and comes with several security caveats that can downgrade end users' security unexpectedly. We both use a popular pastebin called pb (hosted at ptpb.pw) and felt its API was well-designed enough to extend to symmetric encryption.

We think this is a good use of AWS, as EC2 is cheap enough that we can run a public service like this without ads or a paid option, entirely out of our own pockets.

What it does

spb is a fork of pb that encrypts text entirely client-side in the browser. Because of the way its design integrates with pb, it inherits many of pb's benefits, including:

  • deleting pastes
  • setting per-paste automatic deletion
  • vanity URLs to double as a URL-shortener of sorts
  • extensible API
  • integration with existing tools

An instance is hosted at sleuthpaste.com (for the clever domain challenge) or sptpb.pw (to match the naming style of the existing service).

How we built it

Ed wrote a node.js backend server and a wrapper around crypto.js, an in-browser Javascript crypto library, for both the browser (as a script loaded by the paste submission form) and the command-line (as a composable unix utility), both running the same auditable (hashable, signable, ...) code.

Quint forked pbwww (running instance here) to add symmetric encryption to the submission form, removing features that were incompatible with the level of encryption provided; this provided the front-end.

Challenges we ran into / What we learned

  • javascript is crucially not a well-specified language with well-specified behavior
  • browser javascript is crucially not server javascript
  • severe sleep deprivation
  • turns out W&M's DNS servers cache for a very long time
  • node can act as a very flexible Flask replacement, but only if you like callbacks
  • Flask can act as a very flexible node replacement, but only if you like decorators
  • competition with a systems programming assignment

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're the only open-source encrypted pastebin on the internet. It filled a very concrete need for a real project that I will be using as early as this week.

What's next for spb

Even tighter integration with pb and support for arbitrary binary blobs (a much harder task because of the inability to use HTTP to send large files through an encrypting stream).

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