Spatial Intelligence for Businesses


We often come across a situation where a person interrupts you to ask one of these questions:

"Bro, any idea where the meeting room Santa Maria is?" "Does the Mt Everest conference room have a TV?” "Ji, is there a printer somewhere nearby?" "Hey, on which floor does the Freshreports team sit?" "Do you know where Caleb’s place is?" "மச்சா, “டைட்டானிக் ” மீட்டிங் ரூம் எங்க டா இருக்கு?

Do you find a pattern in all of the above scenarios?

People are looking for important context when it comes to assets and spaces, i.e. “SPATIAL AWARENESS”

What it does

To help people get spatial awareness easily, we are bringing “SPATIAL INTELLIGENCE” to Freshservice by making use of assets and the relationship between them.

How we built it

Our appathon project will cover three important parts.

1. Creating and mapping spaces


IT Admin

Problem statement:

As an IT admin, I want to facilitate IT service agents to quickly locate where the assets are in the office.


Spaces (Newly suggested module) In order to provide spatial awareness to the employees and IT service agents, they will have to create a digital replica of their office setup and map the assets to them. The IT admins can now just upload a floor plan (in the form of a png/jpeg image file) into the system, and create hotspots for spaces on top of them as required. Then these hotspots can be directly tied to assets (be it the employee/a device,etc.) This will come handy especially in organizations that span across different floors or buildings.

2. Locate assets in space

Persona 1:

IT Agent

Problem statement:

As an IT agent I need to quickly lookup employee or asset locations and resolve issues faster.


Tickets/assets details page The IT agent can now view any associated asset’s location from the “ticket detail page” or the “asset details page” directly.

Persona 2:


Problem statement:

As a requester, I swiftly need to find people or teams within my organization. Or quickly find that meeting room without roaming around the office or getting frustrated.


Spaces module from the self-service portal The requester can now login to his organization’s self-service portal and access the information from the module “spaces”.

3. Get spatial insights


IT operations

Problem statement:

As a person from IT operations, I would want to get a bird’s eye view on the status of the assets in my organization so I can take necessary measures.


Spaces module Assets that are associated with any open tickets will be highlighted.

Business Impact:


20% of Freshservice’s paying customers use Asset Management exclusively. By adding spatial intelligence to the existing list/relationship view, we can add more value to HR teams and Facilities teams of ESM.

HR Teams:

Locate employees and teams.


Achieve operational efficiency with insights from spatial intelligence.

According to, the global facility management market was valued at nearly $35 billion in 2018, with the expectation to grow to $59.3 billion by 2023. At a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 11.4 percent, this makes it one of the fastest-growing industries in the world.


The same solution can be tweaked based on the domain and can be easily integrated into Freshdesk and Freshteam.

What's next for Spatial intelligence

Mobile app:

A persona focused mobile app which facilitates handy access to quick information on assets/employees/spaces.

Educational Institutions:

Self-service portal logins can be created for each student when they onboard with the spaces module enabled. They can use this module to search for classrooms, labs, auditorium or even where their professors sit.


For use cases like field service management. Just like how we map assets to space in Freshservice, we can map customers to space in Freshdesk’s FSM.


Spatial intelligence can be scaled to HRMS vertical for managing locations of employees and teams. Represent org charts and employee time-off visually on space.

Challenges we ran into

Findings proper app locations for our project was a major concern as Freshservice didn't support full page app locations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating space and mapping assets to them, Insights from spaces.

What we learned

How to Iterate and brainstorm fast. And most importantly team work.




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