Inspiration was from my personal experience. I had to send some very sensitive card details to my friend to book movie tickets for me. I had to send the data with absolute clarity(Spasht) that no one can ever sniff the details. so I decided to solve the problem for me and all others who could be sure that the text passing interface do not store the data and even if it did, the user should have the complete access over the data also no individual service has the whole information.

How it works

The working is quite simple, we have all the code on the client side so the user is sure what information we have and they have whole control over their sensitive data. so we wrote our whole code in java script. we start by taking the message to be transferred from the user to the sender (both need to be online) and then splitting the data and then using multiple services to send the shuffled data through each service and at the end gather all the split data and recreate the original data to display to the sender.

Challenges I ran into

  • we had to use popularly know services(google-drive, one-drive) to store our data and access at our convenience. so we had to look and understand the whole service as we were using all the core features of the service
  • triggering the receiver as soon as the message was uploaded (their was no clear way to trigger anywhere)
  • data gathering from multiple services and display had to handled for multiple edge cases

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud about the idea itself. as simple the idea is it solves all the user concerns about the data and its storage

What I learned

how to use different drive and one-drive api's and lots of java script.

What's next for spasht

  • integrating with other services
  • scale the app
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