Designing an app that all of our friends can enjoy! Music is best enjoyed with people but only one person has control. Our application aims to create awesome memories and get the people going!

What it does

Spartyfy is a crowd engaging party app that allows everyone to suggest songs. Using votes, the people who consistently pick awesome tunes get more control of the speaker.

How we built it

React, Node/Express, Azure, Spotify API

Challenges we ran into

One of the challenges we had were making our UI look good on both mobile and desktop, an essential but difficult to implement feature for our application. Another difficult task was effectively using the spotify API without a dedicated Node client, especially authorization.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our fourth team member Jason was participating in his first software hack. He was able to put in some awesome commits and learn something new, hats off to him. Because of great contributions by everyone, we were able get the project done on time.

What we learned

When racing against the clock, sometimes you need to make a compromise between the most elegant solution for a quick-and-dirty implementation! The most important thing for a hackathon team is to put their heads together and brainstorm.

What's next for Spartyfy

The next step is to integrate authentication and individual accounts for everyone who uses the application. Our goal is for people to carry Spartyfy in their pocket wherever they go so they can have a great time, and discover new music.

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