We could use as many beautiful words we want, unfortunately, it won't change the fact that the real inspiration was from getting lost on the MSU campus on the way to the SpartaHack VII.

What it does

SpartaMapp have two main functions. One for event organizer, another one for the visitors. The event organizers can create an event and list the main attractions in the area, as well as set their location in the map. The visitors, in the other hand, can check in while at the event by scanning the Checkpoint Code (or CPs), that will also determine their location. Then, it is possible to pick the next destination from the list provided by the organizer and follow the directions on your screen to get anywhere you want to be! It can be used for events that will happen for a limited period of time or even public and private institutions, as museums, hospitals, office buildings, universities campus, etc.

Challenges we ran into

As it is our first-time hackathon, we had great ambitions. However, several challenges made us adapt our project to something we could achieve within the limited timeframe. Some of the challenges we ran into were the necessity of using platforms and IDE that we were not familiar with, integrations of new concepts and fatigue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a part of our idea functional.

What's next for SpartaMapp

  • Integration of Audio Feature for accessibility;
  • Integration of Augmented Reality feature to improve User Experience;
  • Automatic Checkpoints based in location instead of using QrCodes.
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