"Valuable advice can sometimes come from an unexpected source." -Mr. Murthy (Infosys Founder)

Research shows that women are mentally and emotionally stronger than their male counterpart. Despite this, pressure to play several roles flawlessly in society and not being appreciated enough for it makes them vulnerable to depression. Some societies hold women responsible for crimes such as sexual harassment or even rape. Such unfair accusations lead to anger, anxiety and depression in women. Opening up to someone, in whom she can confide, can help her deal with stress better. Can things that affect one woman affect many other? Do women understand other women better? We believe so.

Sparshthe healing touch, is a ladies only social platform for sharing and caring. Sparsh enables women to open up with other women without revealing identity. We strongly believe that a few good words at right time can change someone's life. Knowing that others have dealt with difficult situations effectively can inspire and boost self-confidence. Sparsh encourages users to provide meaningful advice (Facebook profile) or share similar experiences (anonymously) from which others can draw inspiration. Every activity by the user aims to make someone happy, and earns her happiness credit. Sparsh honours such as benevolent, kind-hearted, big-hearted and life-saver are awarded to encourage users to give good advice and help more.

Sparsh provides a social platform for ladies to spread positivity resulting in happiness for all. A happy woman leads to a happy family and in turn a happy society.

Please Note: Sparsh is a ladies only social platform. Only women can login through the app using their facebook credentials.

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