We are concerned about rising air pollution and its effect on our health and frustrated by finding our favorite places in nature (e.g. Griebnitzsee) littered with trash. Thus, we want to enable people to change that.

In combination with freely available coal plant, air pollution and local politician data, citizens can use our system to find clean places in their area and help raise awareness at the local political layer to such issues.

What it does

  • Recommend clean places in your area
  • Show air pollution and environmental issues on a map
  • Report environmental issues
  • Help finding and contacting responsible politicians
  • Autogenerated complains
  • Crowd sourced environmental issues

How we built it

  • .NET Server
  • Android application
  • aqicn API
  • carma API

Challenges we ran into

  • Suboptimal API documentation
  • Connectiing local devices via network
  • HeatMap layer framework bugs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Working prototype finished within deadline
  • Survied dropout of one team member

What we learned

  • Try to use new technologies
  • Set up development standards

What's next for SparklyLeisure

  • Improve heatmap
  • Include traffic data
  • Create user base
  • Include more sources for recreational activities

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