A Twitch chat bot teamed up with a web page to make for a festive stream overlay.

Let there be fireworks

Hacking on Glitch

  1. Remix my project -!/lmorchard-sparkle-bot

  2. Get chat credentials for Twitch - including your Twitch username, your bot's username, and an OAuth token password for your bot.

  3. Copy .env.sample to .env and fill out the variables with your chat credentials.

  4. Use your project URL as a browser source overlay in your streaming software at 1920x1080.

  5. Type !boom 100 100 in your chat - if your bot is there, it should answer and you should see fireworks!


  • [ ] Add sound to the fireworks

  • [ ] Rate limit per user - only one boom per minute?

  • [ ] Make the fireworks more dramatic

  • [ ] Add eslint checking

  • [ ] Secondary page with test controls - send websocket commands as an alternative to real Twitch events

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