People sometimes have short period of free time. They can actually use the time to make some spare money for contribute themselves to the society. It will be nice if there will be a platform to link opportunities and users easier.

What it does

Sparkiwork is platform that allows users to find short term opportunities easier and also help them to be able to explore their potential.

How we built it

App/Web platform via CCS, PHP, JQUERY, JASON, HTML5, JAVA SCRIPT. We use pusher for notification and 3 words to identify users' location.

Challenges we ran into

We haven't got strong technical support.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We like what our service can actually help people to make the most of their time and also allows them to explore more about their capacity and potential.

What's next for sparkiwork

Finding technical resources (data transformation, developers) to support this project.

Built With

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