Currently 7-10 million people affected by Parkinsons,trembling and shaking gradually increases rendering the patient completely debilitated in a few years. Why not be able to continuously monitor their condition and take corrective measures including real time health tips according to the patient's profile?

What it does

The wristband has a vibration sensor which detects the ups and downs in trembling and provides the caretaker with real time data to treat him/her accordingly.It notifies the caretaker through the app of any emergency situation and also provides tips to keep the patient healthy.

How we built it

We used a DragonBoard 410c from MLH with Vibration, LED and Button sensors. We used C for detection and Python in order to communicate with the Cisco Spark API. A chatroom for each patient is created. Upon detection of the sensor, a message in the room is sent asking for the nurse/caretaker to check the patient's status.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We achieved detecting the activity of the three main sensors (Vibration, LED and Button) using the DragonBoard410c
  • We used the Cisco Spark API
  • We worked for 24 hours straight :)

What we learned

We learned that commitment and patience are the best way to achieve a goal.

What's next for SparkinsUP

We expect to embedd more features into the wristband,including enabling the localization of the patient and making the band interactive where the patient can call for help or service with the click of a button :)

Built With

  • c
  • cisco-spark-api
  • cisco-spark-paltform
  • dragon-board-410c
  • gpio
  • python
  • sensors
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