We're software engineers with a lot of experience in web development, but in this particular case we wanted to do something different, something involving hardware and APIs. Thankfully we got these two great products in our hands. It was really fun :-)

The target user is anyone who wants to receive notifications in a Pebble smart watch, in particular, with Spark. By the way, the code is available under GPLv2.

Key features

  • Our app is incredibly awesome, with a simple UI and beautiful icons. In Spanish we say "es muy cheta!"
  • Pebble vibrates on each alert like a hummingbird.
  • Highly customizable: it can be easily extended to other things and events such as "your plants need water", "you forgot your baby in your car", etcetera
  • Delayed alerts: you can set a "toleration threshold" so you don't receive an alert immediately after the event occurs. e.g.: you don't want to get notified if your fridge is opened, but if it was left opened after 30 seconds ;-)
  • Easy setup. Really. We're not kidding.
  • Made by Argentinians. How cool is that?
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