We all wanted to try our hands at the design of software tools/app development. We all are interested in sustainability tech. We strive for change and want to create an impact that will be useful for the betterment of the planet & society. Sustainability-related PSs attracted our minds, and we started considering a carbon footprint calculator.

What it does?

Our carbon footprint calculator platform is specifically designed for Kimberly Clark's right cycle program. It shows the analytics and detailed breakdown of parameters for the businesses. We have also shown the global impact of KCP's right cycle program.

How we built it?

First, we understood the carbon footprint concepts from basics and went into customer and market research. We have tried to keep the shipping method simple and easy to understand. We have also shown the impact in terms of parameters which are uncomplicated. Then we built wireframes with our design sense and creativity.

Challenges we ran into

Selecting the method to calculate the carbon footprint was a bit difficult task. There are various methods by reputed organisations around the world. but we finally selected one which is widely accepted.

What we learnt

After working hard on the solution, with our academics, we finally completed this task in this short period. We have given our best. It was a great learning experience.
We have learned the UI/UX designing of software tools. We also learnt some technical things such as the calculation of carbon footprint, sustainability indicators etc. Besides this, we learnt teamwork and time management.

What's next for Spark: TiE Appathon'22 Challange #C4

If our idea gets selected by judges, we would like to work further on the software tool we have developed.

Built With

  • figma
  • googleslides
  • openlca
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