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Spark Stirrer!

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One of the biggest fear among most of the people is the public speaking, communication, sharing their ideas effectively. Wherever we go, we need to communicate our thoughts and opinions, else we are lost. So major intention as well as inspiration is to enhance one's thought process and the way of communicating by small process of practicing and sharing everyday.

Simple questions or Sparks in a very Simple and user-friendly way, that's none other than Alexa Way.

What it does

Spark Stirrer offers you with a curated collection of questions in the way of sparks. These sparks will stir, provoke your brain and ignite your public speaking, critical-thinking and writing skills. Improving Communication Skills and help you practice and motivate you is what Spark Stirrer does! In Spark Stirrer Alexa asks users with questions and make them think about it and practice sharing. Finally the skill also motivates with a small tip for getting the best out of oneself.

How I built it

Brainstorming ideas, learning, trial and errors, creating curated questions and finally enhancing Spark Stirrer by making it lively and added so many additional effects.

Challenges I ran into

Every Coding is quite new learning for me, but challenges turn into an amazing feel, when I see Spark Stirrer started working as its supposed to be, that too a skill supporting purchase flow is all new for me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The possibility of creating my first Alexa skill Bye Buddy with zero coding knowledge is the biggest inspiration to take a step ahead and now its Spark Stirrer with so many other added leanings and added knowledge! I feel so happy when I see Spark Stirrer started working as I wish its supposed to be.

What I learned

It's like brand new DIY project for me to do everything from scratch, intents, invocation, handlers, in-skill products everything is a new learning cum experiment for me. Finally started learning and will keep learning "How to handle the handlers!"

What's next for Spark Stirrer!

Expanding the categories under various domains in order to make users practice a wide range of thinking and improve their skills. Also, preparing to add more content under each available categories too.

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