Over the past decade, Northern California has been constantly plagued with hundreds of inevitable wildfires, many of which are sparked by malfunctions in the power grid. As utility companies like PG&E have utility lines spanning thousands of miles, routine checks on each of these lines can only happen once a year, so vegetation around utility poles can grow out of control and come into contact with power lines.

What it does

It is a simple-to-use iOS application that helps anyone with an iOS device seamlessly notify utility companies of hazardous situations such as a tree branch leaning on a utility pole or power line, which could potentially start a fire. It’s quick, accurate, and very helpful for utility companies to use.

How I built it

The application was built using the Swift Programming Language via the XCode IDE. Developed an easy-to-use and responsive UI. Next, I programmed the back-end database logic by saving the data in Google Firebase Realtime Database. Using the CocoaPods Framework, each report was sent to the database. Finally, I created a website using HTML/CSS/JS to be able to present the data extracted from the Firebase Database and display that for utility companies to view. Also I added a map to pin-point the user locations.

What's next for Spark

PG&E has been proposing many solutions to this issue, but none have been passed because of the hefty price tags of these propositions. This is why I would like to continue developing this application further and create a complete database of every utility pole in the state of California.

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