Finding a resolution can sometimes prove to be challenging, because there are so many things we want to achieve or change about ourselves. But what if there was a place, a site perhaps that could limit these options, that would surely make reaching a decision easier. Afterall, its the determination to complete one's resolution that leads people to success. Finding their resolution, their spark, is just the first step.

What it does

Our project is centered around the idea of helping people pick a resolution. It will also provide them with a roadmap on how they can successfully complete it. And for the indecisive ones we have also introduced something called the fates , its a spinning wheel which would help them pick a resolution. It also comes with the feature of sharing one's resolution with the world. Once the user selects their social handle they will be provided with an automatically generated message/ tweet/ cation encouraging them to share their resolution

Challenges we ran into

There were quite a few challenges that we faced along the way. With our current skill set we had trouble creating the spinning wheel and the countdown. Positioning the spinning wheel accurately was quite challenging. Introducing the social handles with the automatic message generator was also quite a challenge for us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All the challenges we faced led to consequent accomplishments. Some of the accomplishments we are proud of are the error free functioning of the spinning wheel, the social handles with automatic message generator and the teamwork that we established within our team and ofcourse the countdown showing the time left till the next year.

What we learned

We learned a lot from this project, from revising basic concepts to learning new ones, it has been a great journey. Also, it goes without mentioning we learned the importance of teamwork (with everyone being online) in a completely new light.

What's next for Spark!

In the future, we aim to categorize the resolutions so that users will have more options to pick from without being overwhelmed. We will also work towards making it responsive for smaller screens and increasing the efficiency of roadmap.

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