I am reflecting on my childhood experience of controlling mosquitoes in rural areas, where villagers and famers are living, in Ayeyarwaddy Region of Myanmar (formerly known as Burma). In the rainy season, the mosquitoes were very terrible, we had to sleep with mosquito net. Before we sleep, in the evening time, there was a traditional way to keep mosquitoes away.

What it does

My father lit the fire with a mixture of wood and pieces of turmeric. When the smoke came out from the burning turmeric, the mosquitoes ran away from the house. It is well known that turmeric has been a famous home remedy in Asian culture, which has benefits for many health conditions. Also, the turmeric smoke has the power to keep mosquitoes away. We don’t have to kill the mosquitoes, just make them going away.

How I built it

When I am thinking of the idea to control mosquitoes, this childhood experience is coming into my mind. Perhaps we can make the turmeric smoke in form of spray that would not be harmful to the people and the environment. Turmeric plants are very easy to grow, and not expensive.

Challenges I ran into

Mosquito bites in Callaghan campus is very itchy, and it is a serious problems for the persons who have sensitive skin. It can lead to other health problems as well. Knowing that we need to think about environmental sustainability, yet intelligent people are finding the innovative solution to address the challenges of controlling mosquitoes.That's why would like to share my idea based on my personal experience and traditional way of controlling mosquitoes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This natural way of controlling mosquitoes is environmentally responsible.

What I learned

I had learned that mosquitoes scare the smell of turmeric smoke. This is my real experience, telling me that turmeric smoke is a secret sauce for mosquitoes.

What's next for Spark of an idea for controlling mosquitoes

We will have to do a research project, collaborated with expert in biotechnology, to test whether turmeric products can be used to control mosquitoes. If it works, this will be acceptable to use in the market. That is the spark of idea based on my childhood experience. Hopefully, this ideas is useful in real world. Thanks for inviting to share the idea.

Built With

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