This project was originally inspired by the effect of the California Turf Replacement Program. The California Turf Replacement Program is a government ran program that encourages people to remove their grass lawns as a way of reducing unnecessary water consumption. Although this program has served its purpose, it has left many homeowners with empty lawns or alternative landscape ideas that were still harmful towards our environment. In order to solve this issue, we created an app that educates users about the different effects of various plants or landscape designs. This app is also intended to create a community where users can inspire others with their individual landscape ideas (through photo-taking, media posting, blogging).

What it does

This web application allow professional and amateur landscapers alike to share photos and details regarding their landscape. The application provides a user friendly map that pins all submitted landscapes. Users can click on nearby locations to see how their landscaping plans resonate with others, provided information such as temperatures and soil conditions.

How I built it

We incorporated a mapping software called Esri.

Challenges I ran into

Esri is a great mapping software, but did require a slight learning curve.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to mend the minds of a graphic designer and software developers to build a user-friendly application. Also, we learned how to use Esri and realized the power of it, especially for future application ideas.

What I learned

We learned how powerful having a diverse team could be. We learned a lot from each other's skill set.

What's next for Spark (Landscaping Sharing Tool)

More features and allow the use of Flickr!

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