- Needed a place to track and plan our projects.
- Frustrated over apps that are specialized to do only one thing resulting in having to keep many tabs/apps open at the same time.
- Saw a need for an all-in-one productivity app.
- Believed it had the potential to increase the productivity of those affected by COVID-19.

What it does

- Features: Calendar, Tasks, Team Administration, Project Tracking, Messages, Meetings and Zoom Integration, Discussion Board
- A cumulative productivity app that puts all the apps you need into one
- Assists teams and organizations by improving productivity and tracking the progress of projects
- Highlights team collaboration with SparkRooms to coordinate team members

How we built it

- Written in HTML/CSS/JS, Python
- Written in Visual Studio Code
- Utilized Travis for continuous deployment and autonomous configuration
- Divide and Conquer - Frontend, Backend
- Git, VSCode Live Share, and Discord

Challenges we ran into

- Responsiveness & Mobile compatibility
- Rendering iframes on the dashboard
- Saving arbitrary user data within Firestore
- Git collisions: Committing changes to the same lines at the same time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

- Firebase for hosting, database, and authentication
- Fully functional login system with Google Oauth 2.0 Authentication
- Dashboard to render iframes to show lots of content in a single page
- Travis CI/CD
- Lots of backend and Javascript to process website

What's next for Spark

- Expand Spark for function enterprise and educational usage
- Increase responsiveness of site to enable mobile usage
- Create a way to send personal messages to team members
- Create more tools for users eg. a personal File Storage Method
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