Every day, millions of students commute to universities around the country and join the endless search for one of the precious few last open parking spaces, often needing to wake up at ridiculous hours just to find a spot and make it to class on time. This problem is then heightened by the fact that many major colleges have multiple parking structures or lots, sometimes up to a dozen, making the challenge of finding one of those last open spots even more difficult. This frustrating ordeal costs students valuable time and money each year.

Furthermore, considering that there are 254.4 million registered cars in America, this problem exists not only on college campuses but in other large venues such as shopping malls, with drivers circling endlessly in hopes of finding a spot.

A group of UCSD students figured that there had to be a simple solution to this major problem ⎼ a lament pertaining to most colleges campuses across America. Alas, that is how we came up with Spark ⎼ a simple, user friendly tool that will allow them to find out the number of available spots in different parking structures.

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