I use discord almost all the time, especially because of the lockdown. The current support for searching files in Discord is looking through the entire history of a Discord server to find a file. When I saw CORTX, I thought that it would nicely solve this issue.

What it does

Store-CORTX stores any file that's uploaded to the Discord Server in a bucket. Users can then access + search for these files by interacting with our bot.

How we built it

Python and for the bot, Elasticsearch between the bot and CORTX, and (of course) CORTX.

Challenges we ran into

Around midnight of the day before the deadline, I suddenly couldn't connect to my CloudShare instance, so I pretty much had to write parts of the bot without knowing whether it would connect properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We switched ideas for the bot rather late into the competition after we noticed another team had already built the integration we had in mind. I'm happy that I built some of the Discord integration.

What we learned

CORTX!! ElasticSearch!! Some very cool technologies? frameworks? that I'll definitely use in future projects!

What's next for STORE-CORTX Discord??


  • Figure out how to create autocomplete on Discord
  • Figure out how to manage Discord role permissions and file access

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