The Covid-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on employment. According to the ILO report, it is estimated that there has been a reduction in working hours equivalent to 495 million full time jobs. Many people end up losing their jobs, in Indonesia many end up trying to open small businesses and promote through Instagram. We want to make a tutorial that can help these small business owners, they can try the tutorial that we designed to be understood by people who are not familiar with coding.

What it does

This tutorial provides instructions from start to finish, from the preparation needed to use Spark AR Studio, how to create a simple Filter, to explaining the steps needed to publish a filter that has been created.

This tutorial does not require coding at all, so those who are still new to it can start creating their first filter until releasing it.

How I built it

At the beginning we held a discussion on what we should make, what problem we have, and the way to solve it. Then we do the research phase, to validate our idea that it really can be a help for solving the problem. After that, we divide the tasks, and create the timeline, this is when the production phase begins.

At the end of the production phase, we start the testing phase, we search for people that are willing to be our tester, and make sure that the people we choose have zero or little knowledge of code. At this phase, we gain a lot of feedback, and with the clues that they provide, we try to improve the tutorial more.

Challenges I ran into

The most challenging part is when trying to find and sort out real problems that we can help with tutorials. We try to search what’s nowadays trends and make it as the main solution to solve the problem we have.

The other challenging part is to make sure that this tutorial was easy for common or non expert people. To do this we do some testing phase to them as a tester. By doing this we also got a lot of feedback to improve the tutorial.

We also have a technical challenge, it's when the Gallery Texture feature can’t be used for Live Instagram, it was a major hit for us. On days we searched for a solution for it, yet we failed. It forces us to change the content of the tutorial.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to have successfully completed the creation of this tutorial, hopefully it will be useful for anyone who is looking for new opportunities during this pandemic.

What I learned

Making tutorials is a new thing for us, it is not easy to make tutorials that can be understood well. Feedback from new users has really helped us to improve this tutorial

Our thanks go to our friends who have tried this tutorial and provide feedback during the creation of this tutorial.

What's next for Spark AR Promo Card Filter

This tutorial can still be developed further for a more advanced level, we can add an introduction to the Patch Editor so that users can create more interactive filters without using coding.

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