For me the inspiration comes from my idea of the future. Mostly inspired by Cyberpunk, cyberpunk, waves, music, realities and development of apps. I get inspired mostly by amazing experiences that wow me even today like Richie's Plank in VR. or ARkit first experiences I made.

Specifically for this challenge my inspiration was helping others create great filters with testing in mind so they can create better things in short time, systematically.

What it does

My project that its a paper with ideas and ways to test and improve the performance of the filter. This ideas come from years of experience as a XR Developer and today guarantees filter to run as expected.

Its not a formula its a technique to prove ideas, verify and find bugs in the experience from the UI / UX point of view.

How I built it

Using google Docs and by researching in my free time and thanks to my career experience in the field of AR and VR but also MR.

Challenges I ran into

Put all the knowledge in the paper and present it in an interesting and engaging way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Having the knowledge to build and test my own filters that feel profesional and runs as expected in any device. Thing that come's handy when trying to make a complex filter.

What I learned

I learned over the years that making a filter perform good makes the experience look and feel real. The better performs a filter the better the tracking is. So in order to make a really good filter the creator must make it visually awesome but performant perfect so it can run without bumps that may cause a bad experience.

What's next for Testing & Profiling AR Filters

Perhaps in the future it could be a Paper version 2 where a few techniques are shown to really pump the skills of creators to another level.

Built With

  • filter
  • manual
  • productivity
  • sparkar
  • testing
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