We always got lost on the airport, malls, and on campus. Always wish there is someone who can appear and talk to us once we are lost. We consider spARk as a virtual person who we can rely on and works 24/7.

What it does

It serves user 24/7 as an agent in the airport, as a guider in the mall, and evolve himself to be smarter. It talks to user and send exactly information user need to the finger point.

How I built it

I was build with Ionic, Angularjs, NFC.

Challenges I ran into

Wasted 20 hours on Amazon echo and pebble, and at the end they were not able to understand complex Json data. At the very limited time less than 10 hours, we changed the infrastructure and made the implementation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Changed the infrastructure at the last minute and made the implementation. spARk has huge market value and are unique in the market so far. spARk can better serve customer and make their life better. spARk can better help business to attract traffic and gain more business.

What I learned

Challenge is a good thing, but do not be afraid to accept changes if things do not work out.

What's next for spARk

Make it not only compatible with iOS, Android, and Apple Watch devices, but also Amazon Echo, and other wearable devices.

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