Emotions are powerful catalysts in life.

At Spark, we believe that a personal hook might just be that push a student needs to truly bring them closer to concepts rather than fiddle with the boundaries of numbers, figures and formulas. Sparks emerge from moments. Sparks emerge from reactions. Sparks emerge from each one of us.

When we started working on Spark, we wanted to create a platform that allowed teachers to be what they are best at - being teachers. We thought about that high-potential moment for a student when classroom concepts could use a personalized spark. A spark that wasn't as much about the technology, tools, devices and apps. Rather, it represented a unique burst of insight that was handpicked from an ecosystem of people, universities, companies, teachers and other students! Anything, really!

Spark, we feel, is that platform that takes our unique matching algorithm, an ever-expanding and creative universe of experiences; and, the teacher's classroom to give each student a way to close their learning gap.

We are in a limited release phase, welcoming pilots and partners and are continually improving the Spark Wizard (CCSS), 'Add Spark' bookmarklet and the other ways to create emotionally charged, highly engaging experiences that take numbers away from Math, and bring concepts closer to each student - individually!

Check us out at http://www.sparkswithin.us

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