I write 3-4 email newsletters every week, so deliverability is super important to me. To that end, I need to make sure my subject lines don't set off any ISP / spam filter alarms.


The live demo is heavily inspired by titlecapitalization.com. Try it out, share it with your friends. Reach more users.


spammy accepts strings and will return true if it contains any words or phrases commonly associated with email spam. If it returns false, you're good.

I pulled the spam triggers from this HubSpot blog post.


spammy("Hey, do you want to buy a luxury car $$$?"); // true
spammy("Great apartments - no fees"); // true
spammy("Check it out bruh"); // true because of 'check'
spammy("Can you take a look at this?"); // false
spammy("Win a million dollars"); // true
spammy("I love you"); // false


spammy isn't perfect. Words like 'check', 'now', 'only', etc will trigger some false positives, even though they are quite common and may be appropriate for your campaign. But I think it's better to be conservative. Perhaps later on I'll revise this to highlight or return the specific spammy text.


If you can think of any additional trigger phrases, please submit a PR. I'm sure these things evolve over time. Spammy is open sourced under the MIT licensed.

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