I was volunteering and mentoring for quite some time, and when I finally had time to code, I figured I should probably make something simple as opposed to something else that might be more complicated but unfinishable,

What it does

It allows users to set up a spam on their accounts that send texts through twilio to a specified target again and again. The target can cancel out the barrage of texts coming at them by taking a photo of themselves and sending a picture of themselves and sending it o the backend. Using the indico API, the backend can then describe the picture using sentiment analysis. If the person in the picture is determined to be of suitable anger or beyond, the text messages may stop or may double in frequency with certain probabilities.

How I built it

Node.js and Express, Passport, MongoDB, Jade, Bootstrap

Challenges I ran into

Deciphering hackathon-starter Node.js boilerplate by sahat.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Got the Twilio API working!

What I learned

There are a lot more abstractions in node js than I was familiar with.

What's next for Spamalot

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