Phishing attempts have been notoriously difficult to detect and filter as they still arrive at our email inboxes quite regularly. Instead of the conventional approach to detect phishing links and alert users as this approach is rather ineffective, we propose an active and aggressive protection strategy to tackle billions of phishing attempts.

What it does

We run a site to allow users to report phishing attempts and will verify it using various means. If verified (so that people will not attack legit websites) we run an advanced fake-credentials generation algorithm to generate 999 million realistic data and flood the phishing links' servers over a period of time at random intervals. With such a large amount of realistic fake data, the small amount of real victim data will be rendered useless to scammers. As a result, scammers will reconsider their career paths and will quit their jobs to find a more profitable career. We will hence, make the internet a much better place!

How I built it

With love and JS.

What's next

We need to contact MLH to get our domain sorted!

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