whatever the circumstances,every organisation has at least spam email box which will receive nearly 10000 emails per day, among that few(100) important and remaining are junk. So, It's a difficult task for human to keep monitoring those email and there is a high probability to miss important emails. Here is the idea!!

This application check your mailbox and we will create a rule which will forward to Appian, Appian will check whether the email is spam or normal, If it's a spam email it will ignore it, if not it will create a task, where user can take further action required.

I have many concepts in my mind when i start this application, I thought to use Google NLP an AI service, I ran it off then i thought i can create a custom plugin like "Email Poller" to handle everything but i quit. then i decided, i have to do everything in Appian without going further add - on, created logic by using expression rules.

Experimenting Integrations with Google NLP

I would like to expand this by custom plugin which will handle security threats in email like phishing

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