Nowadays spamming has become common and most of the spammers are anonymous. Many innocent people has become the victim of this attack. Most of the scams are happemning due to attending the spam call. Hence we decided to come up with this application which improve the security of common people by detecting the spammers.

What it does

It is responsible for detecting spam callers and notifying users.

How we built it

We built it a prototype of an Android application. Phone call from unknown callers are recorded and audio is converted to text. Audio is converted to a text using Google speech recognition API. We used natural language processing to analyze the text and determine spam callers.

Challenges we ran into

We faced integration issue while trying to integrate two separate module for this spam buster application. We faced hard time converting .3gp audio file to text format.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

REAL-TIME MONITORING Identify Spammers in Real Time Usability Can be used Anytime Anywhere Effective Better than any other Spam Blocking Application Today

What we learned

To manage time better and do better planning Learnt more about Natural language processing, Android, Google speech recognition API

What's next for Spam Buster

BLACKLIST DATABASE INTEGRATION To find out and blocking the recurring spammers. LOCATION BASED DETECTION This app can be programmed to block incoming calls from unknown places. DECISION MAKER Based on three or four inputs, this app can be programmed to make its decision whether to block the caller or not

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