Because it hurts me whenever I miss watching SpaceX rocket live launches, so I thought of something that can remind me about next SpaceX launch then I decided to build a bot that will remind me of next spacex rocket launches by tweeting about it because I am very active on twitter

What it does

It tweets information about next SpaceX rocket launch, it included the Launch name, date, date left, Flight number, rocket name, launch pad, launch location and other popular timezones

How I built it

I built it using python programming language using Twitter API v2 to authenticate and SpaceX rocket launch API


Tweepy and requests python packages

APIs used

Next Rocket Launch Info:
Launch Pad Info:
Rocket Info:

Challenges I ran into

I struggled finding where to host the code, I tried to use cron job in my website domain but had issues hosting it I searched for other alternatives like digitalOcean but I will have to pay, and I don't want to be paying that high just for a bot written in less than 400 lines of code, so I finally discovered PythonAnywhere and that's where it's currently hosted

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the bot is not the first of it kind on twitter, but what I am proud of is its uniqueness

What we learned

I learned about using Amazon Lambda to host and run a script with cron job

What's next for SpaceX Rocket Launch Update

  1. I want to add a feature that will allow people to subscribe to notification so that it will be notifying anyone that subscribes to it
  2. another feature to answer questions about previous and past SpaceX launches

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