Space Exploration is a thought provoking field. There are every type of planets imaginable out there. Using this as an Inspiration we made a VR experience on the same.

What it does

It is a VR experience where the User can travel planets, has capabilities like selecting properties of the Planet

How we built it

We used Unity's inbuilt terrain generation and physics engine to reflect the parameters changed by the user during parameter selection. The VRTK was used for the VR experience and character controller.

Challenges we ran into

Getting all the 3D assets is always a tedious task and it was here as well. Plus we almost spent 2 hours on just idea validation.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we were able to complete the project within the timeline.

What we learned

Got to know many details about various kinds of hospitable/inhospitable worlds in space, what parameters scientists consider while examining each of these planets, and see if we can inhabit them. This was the best part of the project as we are all really fascinated with the universe.

What's next for spaceVeRse

We'll remove the limitations of this VR game to not just to android but also to web, ps5, Xbox. We also keep in mind to specially develop this simulation for Oculus Quest 2 incase we get it post hackathon. :p

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