This challenge inspired me to checkout what Open Data was available. I love Space so when I saw that NASA made their Space Sounds data available, I thought that would be great to use in a Mashup!

How it works

The user selects a Space Sound from NASA's archive. Then the user selects a speaking voice. Finally, the user types a custom message to be spoken. Through the AutoRingtone API, the message is turned into a sound file, using TEXT-TO-SPEECH, and the NASA sound effect is merged into the beginning of that sound file, and it is turned into a custom ringtone for both iPhone and Android or any device that uses MP3 (BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc.)

Challenges I ran into

Sorting through the many sounds available to find just the ones useful to use as a ringtone (i.e. clear, not too long, etc.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wasn't sure I was going to enter this because there were almost too many choices of data, so it helped when I decided to focus on my passion (space) and go from there!

What I learned

I learned a lot about NASA and am excited to see what other content they make available.

What's next for SpaceTones: Custom Talking Ringtones with NASA Sounds!

I plan to turn this into a Mobile App for iOS and Android!

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