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As college students, our friends who we used to see in person every day are now spread across the country and world for the semester we wanted a game that we could play with friends nearby while still socially distancing, as well as with friends that are far away

--Also this Tag trailer was a major inspiration

What it does

is a platform for you and your friends to play games of long-distance and long-term tag, so you can play even if you cannot come into close proximity with one another.

When you create a game you can set the distance within which you can tag another player. the player who creates the game starts as “it”, and can tag anyone who is within the specified distance. This distance can range from 100ft to 10 miles. There is a certain amount of time (which is a function of the tag distance) before the next player is able to tag anyone else to allow the last player to get farther away.

Space tag is a game that you could play over the course of a few days or weeks with your friends who live in your city, or one that you could play over the course of months with your friends across the country.

How we built it

We built the app in Swift using SwiftUI. We designed the app in Figma, and used Firebase and Google Cloud Platform for the database. Vercel Serverless Functions were employed to host the API the app used to interact with Firebase. (+Stackoverflow and friendship :) )

Challenges that we ran into

We had very little knowledge of Swift or native development. Building a project in XCode pulled from Git is a 1st place hackathon worthy feat.

Dealing with complex, particularly multiline, secrets with Vercel and across multiple platforms required a lot of regex character manipulation. In the future, Firebase secrets need to be handled better if the development team were to grow.

Accomplishments that We are proud of

Learning so many new technologies (swift, new APIs, etc) in such a short period of time. Had a really fun time working together as a team!

Building the entire Next.js backend in Typescript :) (with only one “// @ts-nocheck” comment) Also, quickly creating a flexible Firebase Realtime Database worked very successfully.

What we learned

Learning a language and making a multiplayer game with it in one day is harder than we thought. Swift is hard. There’s a lot of barriers. Students should have free apple developer accounts. but yay google no break up the big tech companies down with google down with apple down with bezos but i want a tesla all hail X Æ A-12 p.s. have my location you deserve it you sly dog

What's next for SpaceTag

Proximity notifications to alert you when a person is near you in your game of tag. work out the kinks in the back end get it on the app store! We are very eager to keep developing and get a version off the ground that we can play with our friends.

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