Space is something I have always found extraordinary and, at times, I am unsatisfied with the lack of knowledge gathered on such a wondrous topic. To think that 99.9999999999999999% of space is unexplored, leaves me with a desire to know more! This inspired me to create a software, the Solar System Directory, as well as a Spacesuit Safety Setup, which aims to make space suits adjustable to the environment they are in through programming and sensors.

What it does

The Spacesuit Safety Setup, which is a component of SpacesuitSolutions, detects the amount of carbon dioxide present in a spacesuit. Seeing that oxygen containers can last astronauts 6 to 9 hours, as oxygen runs out, carbon dioxide will build up until the oxygen tanks need to be refilled. The Spacesuit Safety Setup warns the astronaut to return to their respective space shuttle as their suit nears lethal carbon dioxide levels. The Solar System Directory, requires user input to enter which planet they would like to set a course for, and provide corresponding information for that planet, that is necessary for the astronauts' survival, such as atmospheric pressure and temperature. Accordingly, they are instructed to adjust internal temperature and pressure for optimal exploration.

How I built it

To build it, I used TinkerCAD for the necessary circuitry, and programmed an Arduino to display the necessary messages when the conditions in the space suit were met, by using a gas sensor and an LCD display, link below: link I also used Google Colab to code a Solar System Directory, which assessed all of the various environmental conditions on planets in our solar system, and gave corresponding commands to make space exploration safer by adjusting components of the space suit, such as internal temperature and suit pressure, link below: link

Challenges I ran into

I initially attempted to use Pycharm to code the Solar System directory as I have a limited experience with coding, however, because I kept receiving compatibility errors, I looked for alternatives and ultimately ended up using Google Colab for the final product. Additionally, creating circuitry in TinkerCAD was also quite confusing as times, however I ultimately overcame that challenge through relentless research for solutions, as well as playing around with it myself

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being a beginner coder, as well as a beginner hackathon participant, I truly believe I tried my best to submit the finished product, and I am proud to have participated.

What I learned

I learned about the necessity of time management, as well as different facts and conditions about planets in our solar system!

What's next for SpacesuitSolutions

Though this is just a project for a hackathon I created in a couple of days, I look forward to increasing my learning of space, as well as pursuing it as a career in the future!

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