Among us!

What it does

Users can almost play a game! We worked hard to recreate Among Us in 3D, and we learned a lot doing so! We made use of a brand-new and complex technology, Unity's Data-Oriented Technology Stack, which is a hardware-efficient method for creating games! However the coding style between it and usual Unity coding style is very different. Slowed by this change, as well as the fact that few of us have used this tool before, we weren't able to accomplish much game logic during this event.

How We built it

We made models using Blender / Photoshop, Sound (which we haven't implemented yet) using FLStudio, and everything else with Unity!

Also: We based this project on an open-source project called "PropHunt" made by our team member, Nick!

Challenges I ran into

While using DOTS was fun and challenging, we aren't at the point where we're very efficient in coding for it! If we'd used a different coding method, we may have been able to accomplish more game logic. However, our multiplayer engine was set up already, so it's also possible that make one from scratch would've slowed us down even more!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot during this event! I (Sam) learned a ton about DOTS and Entity-Component Systems, and also worked on an actual multiplayer project for the first time!

What we learned

(Sam) DOTS and multiplayer games are hard!

What's next for Spaceship Murder Time

Sam and Nick have agreed so far that working further on the project could be both fun and educational!

Jake: "Make it look sexy"

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