The motivation behind SpaceSecure was to give network savvy and regular people an easy way to scan their network for vunerable IoT devices. SpaceSecure then tries to gain root access to the vunerable devices by trying to brute using defualt passwords and any similar hacker exploit imported into the code. Then when the program verifies root access and it gives the owner the option to change of devices password to something more secure.

With other devices tested against exploits, it gives administrators a head start on patching devices that were previously unknown to be vunerable to the exploits tested them. We hope this inspires individuals to be more safe on the web, and to update freqently.

Run the Application

Navigate to the build directory and execute the following command ./

To Integrate

Drammer: A bot used to control android devices. More info on this can be found on 1) 2)


The program is supportable on linux devices and an windows machine with a command terminal emulator equipped with the correct scan utilities.

Future Functionality

  • [ ] Add support for easy script import
  • [ ] UI overhaul for a more compact program
  • [ ] Add support for more devices, with a quick and easy install
  • [ ] Add threading

~ More organization coming soon


Created at HackNC

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