This was how i applied for access to the APi and it sums up the inspiration nicely

I was an early clubhouse user and twitter spaces beta host. I fell in love with Twitter again after using Spaces!! I could see that the social audio space was going to change everything, I was using it so much that i could see the big problem that no- one was tackling. Discovery!!

The core use case and intent is to solve the problem the currently exists in finding and discovering TwitterSpaces to join and be a part of. At the moment the discovery tab is being tested and no doubt will improve over time. If a user knows about the search query filter:spaces they can see the latest river of spaces in twitter, but that doesn't make life any easier, it simply shows everything. On the desktop you can't benefit from the fleets appearing to visually trigger your interests, so at the moment its simply too hard to find spaces to join for the average twitter user. We want to change this and create a new way for user to search for, discover and find spaces they will find interesting.

What it does

Spaces Dashboard has one North Star - to be discovery guide to TwitterSpaces - the starting point for anyone looking to find TwitterSpaces. We make it easy, fast and straightforward and you don't even have to be a twitter users to benefit from it.

How we built it

As a host I was using spaces everyday, so It was very simple to see what was needed and with regular feedback from TwitterDev and the Spaces Community it has really been a smooth ride. We had an early demo up within weeks and I personally onboarded over a 1000 users to ensure we were on the right track.

Challenges we ran into

The search results returned from the APi were not always accurate and the didn't return past spaces, so we implemented our own over time which has been a real challenge.

We still have issues with the language classification but know the TwitterDev will fix that as some point

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have to say the friends and spaces hosts we have met along the way and the community of supporters we have built is the best part of building this project. We love the fact that word of mouth is spreading and only this week a user tweeted this which made our year.

"It breaks my heart when GREAT discussions are not recorded for posterity. Mine are not necessarily recorded for repurposing YET but they are powerful panel discussions every time and it brings a sense of peace to know they are there on @spacesdashboard"

What we learned

We had to ensure that we were agile enough to react to the changes to the APi. We learned early on that the twitterDev team really do listen to the developer needs as long as you can put together a strong use case as to why you want something added to the APi.

What's next for Spaces Dashboard

We have major plans, now that Spaces last forever - which includes a major Design overhaul which we have been planning for over 6 months in preparation for when spaces would last forever. We knew it was coming and we are ready!

Built With

  • alpine-js
  • built-with:-lararavel
  • chart
  • livewire
  • meilisearch
  • mysql
  • redis
  • tailwind
  • web64-nlp-server
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