Every member of our group held peak interest in working with VR and gesture control, given the numerous doors these new technologies open for us. Through the divergent/convergent ideation model, we arrived at the agreement of building a maze themed game. The particular context of the maze mattered little, so we decided to persue the space theme to promote the futuristic appeal of our game.

What it does

Space Maze allows any player to step into the virtual reality world, and explore a fully immersive 3 dimensional space themed maze.

How we built it

The project was built in Unity 5 in accordance with the Oculus Rift SDK and Leap Motion Orion Beta SDK. Though many elements of the game are drag and drop operable, all functionality was scripted in C#.

Challenges we ran into

As the majority of our team had no experience with any of the above technologies mentioned, the learning curve was extremely steep. Furthermore, with the game being fairly multi-platformed, there were an abundance of integration issues with Unity, Oculus Runtime and Leap Motion SDK for all of us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the end, we completed a fully functioning, environment-rich game that is astoundingly beautiful. Game objects are rigidly built, as in collision detection is widespread across the map, and gesture detection for pushing, pinching and throwing are spot on. Also, the game environment is a custom made 53MB layout file of layered textures that interconnect into an incredible alien/spaceship world.

What we learned

We learned to never underestimate simple development tasks, as errors don't ever show up where you expect them to. Also, we learned to always have backup plans and contingency measures, so that when a resource becomes inaccessible to some members of the group, they have room to contribute.

What's next for SpaceMaze

The current version of SpaceMaze only holds level 1, and is still in it's prototyping phase. In the future, we hope to have all features, obstacles and storyline developed thoroughly and implemented as such. We also plan on improving the performance of the game significantly, in order to reduce stress on the user's eyes during long periods of usage.

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