Inspiration 🚀

Who doesn't love listening to music while working? And everyone loves watching space videos! So Space Jordan works on combining those two things: adding a soundtrack from latest sci-fi lofi music to space live video stream. Who would dare procrastinate (not us!) by making them listen with one hand as they work with the other?

Imagine you're in space and you have no one to talk to and no way to get back home, what would you do? We wanted to counter this by creating a web application that allows two people to create an account, learn about space and listen to music with an option to play various games like Wordle.

What it does 🥳


We built this application to help people learn about space trave l and navigate their way through space. With sounds and videos to guide your learning experience, you will be able to picture yourself hooping through space with minimal effort.

We understand that music helps learning, so we built an application with video and audio functionallity to help in the use of our application.

How we built it ☺️

The Web-App is built on React and Next.js We built backends with C#

Challenges we ran into 🤯

Challenges:We faced many challenges during the making of this project. We initially struggled with the idea of finding a library that could add audio to the existing video files effectively. after some digging we found out about how using c# could be effective here and we went for it .

We also had some trouble Debugging our code but we successfully managed to be successful. The biggest one is building the 3D Model with next js to give the app a space feel. We had to try 2 different methods before eventually succeeding

Accomplishments that we're proud of 🥺

Our accomplishment was that we managed to work as a team despite all the obstacles. We built an application with languages we are relatively new at, and we worked hard to submit the project.

What we learned 🥰:

Ultimately, we learned how to use the languages we work with more effectively. We learned how to work as a team and we learned the most important ingredient in building a successful application. Love.

Some of us also learned how to use react.js syntax in a much deeper pathway.

What's next for Space Jordan 🤔

Add complete the chat application with a complete socket io connection. Make the chatbot functionality work well with chakraui. Improve UI styling and design.

On top of that, we are planning to add more games as well as a calendar which is pink and red themed for dates. After we accomplish those goals our next goal would be to make Space Jordan a space learning app that people can use on their phones.

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