First Hackathon, Oculus Rift, no experience with Unity, you could say we were a little ambitious.

What it does

SpaceGame hosts an open Unity scene featuring a dazzling, starry skybox, where the player is entertained by a simplistic model of a solar system, slowly orbiting around a central star.

How we built it

Our primary platform was Unity. We created a scene populated with objects (primarily the Unity PrimitiveSphere) and scripted different movement patterns in C#. We were able to integrate the Oculus Rift as the camera view for the player.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Directing the player's movement with the position of the Oculus headset.
  2. Learning how Unity works alongside C# (and learning C#)
  3. github not wanting to work well with all the files associated with Unity

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We came with no idea, but were able to make a simple program that takes advantage of the Oculus Rift. Although it was simple, everyone who tried it loved the experience thanks to the Oculus immersion.

What we learned

The basic workings of Unity and some C#, as well as the utilization of Oculus Rift as a display.

What's next for SpaceGame

Implementing more interactive features, lending it a more game-like feel.

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