SpaceBeaver is born to be the first and best interactive productivity app. For lazy individuals to busy professionals, it will gamify the tasks of work/learn and encourage you as a community to thrive.

What it does

SpaceBeaver Provides virtual wheel of fortune, session page, blockchain contract, dashboard and customizable profile. SpaceBeaver offers users unique gamified work/learn experiences, through its community based space-expanding experiences and having virtual animal pet (partner). Space Beaver gives you a complete environment to focus on your project.

How we built it

Made on React, with CSS/Javascript/Solidity and stored on Storj/Oort

Challenges we ran into

Time management and technology research is always a difficulty. One of the reasons why I thought I need an app like Space Beaver.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Complete app with many functions to use. Many virtual arts I personally made(like that fortune wheel!) a good gaming system and mechanism planning.

What we learned

That I need platform like SpaceBeaver more!

What's next for SpaceBeaver

Implementing different functionalities to increase user productivity and test marketing.

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