My goal this weekend was to create an interactive VR experience using Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch controllers. Being a lover of sci-fi, I decided to create a space themed environment. I began by sketching out a general layout and concepts for each of the models. Then, I set out to model them in 3DS Max. I created my own textures in Substance Painter before implementing the assets in the Unreal Engine.

Setting up the scene didn't really pose any problems, however it soon became apparent that using Oculus Touch the way I had intended would not be possible within the Unreal Engine. With no time to switch engines, I decided to remove some of the interactions I had intended (shooting lasers from a wand at moving targets).

Post HackFSU plans for SpaceBase include touching up textures, adding sound, prototyping interactions, expanding into other rooms, taking over the universe....

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