Spacebase aims to provide a visualization of heat and light data in a closed environment such as a room, controlled habitat, or space shuttle. The goal is to allow for quick detection of problematic situations such as heat leaks in tightly controlled environments.

How it works

Spacebase uses the Intel Edison board to read temperature and light data in a closed environment and then uses a web application to provide a visualization for that data. The visualization component will also be able to show arbitrary data sets of temperature change over time. Web front end is hosted on Microsoft Azure

Challenges I ran into

I'm a software engineer and I was dealing with hardware for the first time in my life. Though messing around with breadboards, sensors, resistors etc. was immensely fun, it took some time for me to remember my physics courses to assemble an working circuit.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The board I put together actually worked. The readings of brightness and temperature were digitized and sent to a remote database by a node service. And it all was happening on the Edison device.

What's next for SpaceBase

In the future, and with enough data, this model could also be extended to perform predictive analytics and catch such problems before they occur.

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