What it does

It is a 3D online multiplayer video game. Users will play a role of a planet exploring universe. During the trip, each player will have the ability to absorb other smaller planets to grow bigger in size and obtain the score. Also, it is a real-time interactive 3D web game so that players can enjoy chasing each other without complicated setup. Leaderboard is also supported.

How we built it

  • WebGL and Three.js for Frontend
  • AWS and Google Cloud Platform for Backend

Challenges we ran into

Have no previous experience with webGL & game development

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made a fun game for friends to play

What we learned

  • WebGL
  • Experience of 3D game development
  • Teamwork && collaboration

What's next for spaceBall

  • Invite more users to join the game
  • Improve visual effects
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