Text adventure games like Zork or the classic Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy puzzles. The theme for Creatica was space, so we registered

What it does

We wanted to make a discord bot that you could add to your server and you could interact with it, maybe there's a story with a puzzle to solve by typing what you want to do to the bot.

How I built it, git, pycharm

Challenges I ran into

We did not have much experience with git, and none of us had worked with python much before! We didn't have a good way to keep the token secret and it kept getting disabled. From running into bugs where the token was incorrect to git commit and push that sometimes did not work and different branches, we worked together staying up late to debug.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We did get it up and running once and it responded to a ping!

What I learned

The basics of how to run a discord bot, basics about how to collaborate with a team over discord and git, some python, best practices about the bot.

What's next for SpaceArk Game

We will definitely work more on this at a later date, adding the story and have the bot create a channel for the user to play in or a mod can specify.

Built With

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