This year, our team started learning computer science for the first time. It was a challenging and interesting learning experience that we were eager to apply. When we heard of the opportunity to participate in MasseyHacks we were unsure what to do, but we were very ecstatic. We followed our teacher's advice and started off simple. We decided to make a shooter game. We made our main player a circle. Before we got to any enemies, we had a lot of trouble with the shooting. We wanted the bullet to not only reach the mouse, but go past it. At first, we tried using slope from the 2 points we knew (player and mouse click). We soon overcame this problem using trigonometric relations to find more accurate and useful values. Afterwards, our next challenge was to have multiple enemies follow the player. We overcame it by looping to each player and using more of the trig relations. In the end, our product was a top-view shooter game. We made our player an astronaut, fighting against the hordes of aliens. There were flashier things, but the things our team is proud of most are the hidden things. Things like the enemies following the players and the bullet movement were much more difficult than it seemed. A valuable lesson our team learned was that we shouldn't focus on the flashy layout or design. We focused on the very important background tasks. Once we finished the background tasks, we found that the rest of the things we added was easier and faster to do. This lesson will definitely be useful in future hackathons and projects, but it will likely be a useful lesson for future careers.

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